For therapists

I offer specific consultations for psychologists and therapists who would like to create or build their own private practice, but who could use a little extra help in making the jump. If what you really want to be doing is working for yourself, but this feels a little daunting, I’d love to sit down with you.

These sessions are designed to fill the gap between what you’ve learnt in your studies and your early career, and what you hope, fear and imagine running your own real life practice to be.

We come to this work so often with our whole hearts, years and years of dedicated training and practice, and with a yearning to finally find our voices at therapists.   Maybe you’ve been told, implicitly or explicitly, that you are a little too young, too inexperienced, or too naive to do this in private practice.  Perhaps it’s been suggested that you need to do your time first - and then have found yourself in a role where you are unsupported, where you hand over a large percentage of your fees, or where you lack the freedom to make choices that would allow you to reach your potential as a person and a clinician.  I don’t want this for you, and I don’t want this for your clients.


As we would in therapy, during these sessions I will get to know you in the broader picture of your life, but in this case, with the specific intention of illuminating and targeting how particular patterns in different areas of your life might be creating internal or external blocks that are preventing you from having the practice you want. We can also get super practical around any pragmatic questions you need answered, as I know how helpful it can be to have someone around to just workshop the logistics with. We might focus on things like:-

  • Your relationship to and beliefs around money - from money as a sacred energy transfer, to whether or not you should get an EFTPOS machine.

  • Your fantasies and wishes for how work weaves into the rest of your life

  • Your identity as a therapist

  • How you would like to market your practice (+ your hang ups about this)

  • Your administrative systems

  • How you will best be supported in your work in terms of community, mentorship, supervision and self care

If you’re curious about this kind of consultation or think it might be for you, get in touch.